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Our Secret Sauce
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One of A Kind Quality Control

What distinguishes Harrogates FM from other companies that provide cleaning and FM services is not our ability to operate equipment better than the company down the road, but rather our unique approach to managing the work that we deliver for our customers.

Meet our Quality Officers...
Every client we serve has has a dedicated QO (Quality Officer). Your QO will carry out a several key tasks every month that you have work fulfilled by us. The sole purpose of your QO is to make sure that you are consistently happy with what you receive and ensure that all associates of Harrogates FM are performing to the excellent standards that we hold ourselves too.

What you can expect from your QO each month...
✔ Formal site visit and a review of the work being carried at your premises.
✔ Sporadic & unannounced visits (where authorised and available).
✔ Guaranteed 24hr response time to queries.

The result?
Harrogates FM has never had a bad review, or an unhappy customer, and have we ever lost a customer because of a quality issue with work.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us.

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